Monday, 11 April 2016

More Old Stuff...Keane Cityscape Backdrop

Here are a few details from a Keane live backdrop that I drew around 2005...I still quite like the line drawing of the buildings.

Really Old Stuff...Batman vs Superman

Here are a few panels from a Batman/Superman comic that I started drawing about 16 years ago...I think I'd been looking at too much Dave Mckean artwork...especially the work he did for 'Arkham Asylum'...

Really Old Stuff...Daredevil

A drawing of Marvel character 'DareDevil' that I drew about 16 years ago...

More Old Stuff...The Horrors

A an old sketch and character design for The Horrors music video 'She Is The New Thing'.

More Old Stuff...Come Find Me

I was going though some dusty portfolios recently and pulled out some old work that I still quite like.... Here's a couple of unused 'Come Find Me' (now 'entitled 'Goodbye Brecken') illustrations.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Hallow DVD...

Corin Hardy's The Hallow has just been released on DVD! It's got some great extras and a couple of galleries of artwork and designs. You can also see some of my book illustrations on the DVD menus.